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Mirrored Stars - ITV's Love Your Garden

mirror stars mirror tree stars star bundles tree stars

Many thanks to that nice Alan Titchmarsh and the team from Love Your Garden. We supplied the mirrored stars that were used in the programme. For those that didn't see the episode, Servewell's Mirrored Stars were used to brighten up the garden by hanging them from a tree. The light caught the mirrored surface to create a magical effect.

Here's a link to the item.

And how did they do it. Well, they bought 6cm stars and stuck them back to back with our double sided sticky pads, with the mirror surface facing outwards. Sandwiched between the two stars is a length of clear, nylon fishing line for hanging.

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  • Rita Morse on

    Please tell me where I can get those fabulous mirrored star lights for my garden
    Thank You l

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