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New Rustic Collection by

This multi purpose, rustic looking board, is part of the "rustic look" range by . As such the board will be unique and will carry all the flaws and character that makes it such. If you're looking for a board that is uniform and correct in every way, look away now, this isn't for you! 

Made from natural fruit wood, complete with bark and sourced from sustainably managed forests, this rustic board by makes a fantastic chopping board, doubles up as a cheese board and, could be used to display all sorts of canapes, sushi etc.

As you would expect, the board is treated with food safe oil and maintenance is pretty straightforward, simply oil occasionally to keep it in mint condition. As with all wooden boards, do not soak for prolonged periods.

All wood cutting boards are naturally antibacterial and will actually neutralize 99.9% of bacteria left on the wood within 24 hours.

This unique natural product has been sourced from plantations where the trees are grown for their fruits. This dual use means that they are not just felled and burned, resulting in less CO2 in our atmosphere.


Diameter: Between 32 cm and 37 cm

Height 3 cm approx

This product is not dishwasher safe. Knife not included.

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